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    High School Club?

    I am sponsoring a high school DnD group. Does anyone have experience running one through Fantasy Grounds Unity? Trying to work out the mechanics. I can envision an official account with an ultimate license, students could use the free version. But how to allow students to be GM's?

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    You need a paid license to DM.

    Your student GM would simply use the installation of the Ultimate license. Technically I think that's a violation of the license terms, but Smiteworks may be alright with it under the right circumstances.
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    There is another teacher o the forums who has used FG with their students, hopefully they will chime in. You might also reach out to support directly via the link in Help above.

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    We don't really have a good mechanism to allow for GM account sharing. If you mostly rotate through different DMs, the best route might be to start a monthly subscription for the new DM and then gift it to their separate, individual account. When they finish running, cancel that subscription and start a new one. They would each use their own accounts. DLC would be a bigger issue with stuff like the Player's Handbook not being sharable from one DM to another. For an adventure, you would be unlikely to want to share the adventure module to the players anyway. The adventures come with all the monsters, items, NPCs, etc. that you need to run those, so you don't need the DMG and MM. It's really just how you want to grant access to the PHB to the players.

    For players, it could be that you have a club dues/responsibilities that they just keep a Standard license and the PHB so they can game with anyone.

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