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    Item Quantity Issues DM Table vs Player Table

    FGU v4.1.5 (2021-08-26) only tested on D&D 5e

    Extensions: None

    Modules: WotC Player's Handbook

    Theme: Default

    Issue: When adding items with multiple quantities to a PC's inventory at once from a Parcel or from the Party Sheet assignment, the DM's table view of that PC's Character Sheet Inventory will always display those items with a quantity value of '1' while the Player's table view of their PC Character Sheet Inventory will display with the accurate quantity values. Also, when the Player disconnects from the table, the next time they rejoin the table all items that were added in this way will have a quantity of '1' on the Player's table view as well. These issues occur only when an item is 'net new' to an inventory.

    I have added a .zip containing .mkv video files demonstrating the steps to reproduce. In the Party Sheet assignment video demonstration you can see there is a brief instant at 05 seconds elapsed when the DM's table view (left) have the items being added to the PC Inventory populated with the accurate quantity values, but they are then reduced to a quantity value of '1' as they populate on the Player's table view (right).
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    I can reproduce this,
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