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    Any way to force die roll graphics appear below the die roll text?

    Hey all!

    I'd like to force the die roll graphics (for damage particularly) to appear below the damage roll text. The die roll graphics are currently centered which causes the damage text (when there is a lot of damage text) to be hard to read. For example:

    I don't remember it doing this before so it may be that some extension I am using is causing it, but if my extension can force it to have the dice displayed below the damage text instead of centered on it, that'd be great.

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    Looks like it is probably an extension. The dice is showing below the damage for me.
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    It might be the fact that the dice in the first image take up less than half the remaining area after the icons/speaker information; whereas it takes up more in Z's picture. It's a fine balance to layout in a way that makes sense for every single scenario. I might revisit at some point if it happens too often.


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    Thanks, and it looks like that's it. I created a new campaign with no extensions and the base behavior is to put the dice graphic next to the damage string until there are more than 3 dice in the damage, then it goes under the damage text.

    So given that, is there a way to force it to always go below the chat text regardless?


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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    There isnt.
    That is in the engine at this time.
    Thanks damned. At least it means it's not some extension messing with it.

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