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    Has Anyone Run Alien vs Predator?

    Hello All:

    Just picked up the manual and Colonial Marines book, want to run a terrifying one-shot on Halloween, but I wanna REALLY throw my players a twist.

    If you were gonna use the Jautje (I think that's how you spell their name) Predators in your game, how would you stat them out? Have any of you done so already? How did you run it? How did it go?

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    While I have not run it under Alien RPG, I have other systems. I believe the spelling is Yautja, and fortunately, someone has done some of the heavy lifting for you: . I expect it would be a tough fight, as it's indicated they're for Cinematic play only...

    It would be fun. Very fun. And I'd imagine no small amount of PC deaths.

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