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    LFP 4-5 for a new 5e D&D campaign

    FG License: GM has Unity Ultimate

    Game System: D&D 5th edition likely set in Forgotten Realms
    Player 5e or FG Experience: None required. If new players need assistance, I am happy to meet during off game times to work out any questions.
    Time Zone: MDT (UTC/GMT -6)
    Day of week and time: Wednesday evenings 8pm - 11pm MDT (2am - 5am UTC/GMT). If the majority of players want a slightly different session time, I can accommodate.

    If new game, planned start date: First meeting session September 8th, Character intros September 15th, first play session September 22nd

    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly sessions to last about 3ish hours
    Term: Ongoing as long as we are having fun

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: I typically write scenes in equal proportion 33% combat, 33% exploration, 33% Roleplay & NPC interaction. Specific sessions very of course. After that the players find what trouble they want to get into.

    Number of Players in game & needed: No players at the moment. Need 3-4 to start

    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level characters. Stats are standard block or point buy variant (PHB pg 13). Equipment per class and background starting equipment. If a character prefers straight gold to purchase equipment, we can talk.

    Character restrictions: Each character can draw inspiration from the Players Handbook +1 other source book. I prefer to GM games in which the characters are not optimized to the max.

    Details of your scenario:
    I have a few homebrew ideas that I will pitch at the first session, but I like player input on the starting point. Hopefully we can come to a consensus on which one we'll pursue. I am also not against running a published module if there is overwhelming player interest in something specific.

    I request no PvP, and would like the players to work as a team.

    A few notes about my experience:
    - I have been running a weekly game with friends and family on Fantasy Grounds since 2015
    - This will be the first time I am starting a virtual game with strangers
    - I have been playing and GMing various RPGs for many years, mostly D&D
    - I always strive to have a friendly & respectful game table and expect my players to do the same

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    Mikenelson28, thank you for your interest. I sent you additional information in a PM for joining.

    For anyone else interested, I have also had several PMs expressing interest. Have room for one more player to start out, and I am happy to add others to an alternates list if there is even more interest.

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    Hi, if you still have one more opening I'd like to join.

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    Smurr19, you are invited, I sent you the additional information for joining the game via PM. Talk to you next Wednesday.

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    Hi, if there is still room in the game, I'd like to join.

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    Hello I would love to play if you still have openings!

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    Nilrem & GodsEvenNV - we are full at the moment but I will add you to the alternates list in case we have a no-show or a drop.

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    If I can use text, im interested

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