Greetings, fellow heroes of pen, dice, & paper! I'm a writer, game designer, and RPG enthusiast. Ever since I played D&D in a cabin in the woods when I was a kid, I have been a dedicated fan of TTRPGs. That was over 30 years ago and I have been honing my craft ever since. For me TTRPGs are all about the Story, the Characters in them, and the Choices they make because that is where you find all of those meaningful and truly EPIC moments.

Nowadays, I am a professional GM and I am up and running on StartPlayingGames (SPG). I run adventure modules, adapt other settings to 5E D&D, create my own homebrew content, run workshops for beginners new to the hobby, and can even design a custom setting on demand. My specialty is tailoring an experience to a particular party or player.

My style varies depending on the setting, content, and the players. I do focus on roleplay over rollplay, but there is still plenty of action to be had. My worlds are dynamic and change as a result of the PCs and the choices they make (for good or bad). My emphasis is on engaging and meaningful content that is a blast to play.

I run Tuesdays through Saturdays in the evening, usually 8-11 pm Eastern Time (GMT -4), but you are free to contact me as I am flexible.

Platform(s): Fantasy Ground Unity (I have Ultimate License, you need free Demo version), Discord for audio

SPG Profile: The World Smith (SPG link approved)
Beginner Tutorial: the Gauntlet (one shot)
Adventure Modules: Out of the Abyss and Icewind Dale
Adapted Works: The Elder Scrolls (more coming soon)
Homebrew Content: Ashes of Tomorrow, fantasy world has its own Armageddon...
Custom Setting: Do you have something you have always wanted to run but haven’t been able to?

Standard Pricing: $20 per Player each Session, though this may vary upon the content you wish to run (custom settings are more work intensive than premades for example). Session 0 is often free, Beginner Games are discounted at $15 per Player each Session. Payments are through Stripe handled by SPGs secure site.