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    [CLOSED] [Paid] West Marches

    NOTE: This campaign is closed and no longer accepting players. Please shoot me a message if you are interested in this style of campaign!

    Custom Adventure: Explorers of the West Marches
    • Game System: D&D 5e
    • Group type: Online - This will not be streamed.
    • Experience: A basic understanding of D&D will help but is not required.
    • Location/Timezone: Eastern Time US (flexible).
    • Schedule: Weekly on Saturday at 2:00 PM. I am open to bi-weekly if there's interest.
    • Roles sought: 4 - 6 Players.
    • Game style: A balanced mix of all the core D&D elements.
    • Price: $25 (USD) per session, per player.

    Click this link to join the campaign on (NOTE: This is an external link - with permission)

    Why Play This Custom Game?:
    This campaign will be great for players who want their character to venture out into unknown lands in search of lost treasures and untold challenges. I will be offering a fusion of the West Marches and Hex Crawl game formats.

    The Setup:
    You've joined an adventuring company on the western edge of the known empire. Everything to the west of the great city in which you live is uncharted wild lands. There are constant rumors of adventuring companies venturing out and returning with great treasures and artifacts, balanced by whispered tales of companies that never returned.

    It's time for you and your friends to set out and seek your own fortune and glory!

    What You Need to Know:
    • The fundamentals of 5e D&D.
    • I have the FGU license but will not pretend I'm a master of it yet. There's so much power and so much to learn.
    • I've run this style off adventure in FGU just fine for friends.

    About Me:
    I've been DM'ing since 1983 and am hosting paid games online.

    I bring everything needed to play including a D&D Beyond Master Tier subscription, a fully stocked Fantasy Grounds license, a paid Zoom ID for live video and chat during the games, and a Discord server focused on the game. All you need to do is sign up and show up on time!

    Extra things worth knowing:

    • I live in the Eastern Time Zone and have great flexibility on when I can run games. I can easily add sessions for other times of the day if there is interest.
    • I take great pride in being the first DM for several players over the years and in helping them become future Dungeon Masters if they want.
    • My number one focus is on offering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who plays. This is followed closely by a goal of sharing fun with everyone in the game!
    • I am currently focusing exclusively on 5e D&D.
    • SPG manages the payments processing (Via Stripe). It's secure, clear, and also makes refunds easy if you miss a session.
    • I do not record game sessions, or stream them
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    Is it $25 per session or $25 per session, per player? Meaning, each player pays $25 or is that divided by all players.

    Thank you

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    Correct. Thank you for calling out the lack of clarity on that. I'll edit my other posts to show that better too!

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