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    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition book missing all info

    It had been working fine for ages. Then recently the main book on the gm side of things, player and gm book began missing all entries. It just said New Entry when I opened an Edge or Hinderance or anything else. However I opened a player page and connected to the host and it worked on that side.

    I then did a complete wipe and redownload of all FG modules and it showed up again on both sides, only to have vanished again. Can someone please give me some advice. The book is open and shows the entries, however the entry fields are blank.

    Correction: Just the players version of the book on the GM side is missing all entries for all categories. The GM book is working just fine. I have since deleted it from the modules folder and updated to get it back and still the same issue.
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    I think Ive determined its possibly connected to the load modules extension for Savage Worlds. if the Pathfinder module is loaded I think it may shut off the swade module while that extension is operational

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    Are you running any extensions? One of those (think it was SWEL) was causing something like this but I think it got fixed in the latest update to FGU.
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    I have that extension but I dont have it loaded. I actually think it was the Module Loader extension. Ive disabiled the Module Loader and it worked. Im going to be loading in today again so hopefully all is good. Hopefully if it is a bug it gets fixed. I liked having the pathfinder book open as well

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