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    Quote Originally Posted by Xorn View Post
    Cool. I'm curious is it hard to change the tab-order of a sheet? I'd like to adjust the NPC window so it tabs through the fields better.
    Send me the tab order you want. I'll set it for you. I have an update coming next week. This allows dragging dice from chat onto the CT. Damage is done, I just need to reconfigure attack.

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    1. Non-ID Name
    2. Armour Class
    3. Hit Dice
    4. Hit Points
    5. THACO
    6. Movement
    7. Size
    10. Attacks Window (Weapon, ATK, DMG, Type)
    11. Spells
    12. Saves (D, W, P, B, S)
    13. Morale
    14. XP
    15. Alignment
    16. Number Appearing
    17. Treasure Type

    Currently the tab order is wacky and jumps all over. Even adding attacks it goes Weapon, ATK, Type, DMG.

    As far as the parser, this is what I'm working with for cut-n-paste:
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    Copy that stat block into your computer clipboard paste it in notepad and send it to me on discord please. Most of that should parse out.

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    I figured out how to fix the tab order, if you don't want to worry about it.

    Carrion Crawler
    Armor Class:
    Hit Dice:
    No. Appearing:
    Save As:
    Treasure Type:
    XP Value:
    3 + l*(L)
    120' (40')
    8 tentacles or 1 bite
    Paralysis or 1 point
    Id4 (0)
    Monster Type: Lowlife (Common).
    This scavenger is a 9'-long, 3'-high manylegged
    worm. It can move equally well on a
    floor, wall, or ceiling. Its small mouth is surrounded
    by eight tentacles, each 2' long, which
    can paralyze on a successful hit unless a saving
    throw vs. paralysis is made. A tentacle hit does
    no actual damage.
    Carrion crawlers are known as scavengers, eating
    the remains of slain animals. But they are also
    willing to go after fresh meat. They will attack
    small parties of travelers, paralyzing their prey,
    and will eat paralyzed victims in three turns unless
    except when the carrion crawlers are being
    attacked. Unless magically cured, the paralysis
    will wear off in 2d4 turns.
    Terrain: Cavern, Ruins.
    That's how it's going to paste in so it does terrible. It's not a big deal, I don't mind just rebuilding their combat stats anyway. The only thing that would matter is if it auto-populated THACO based on the HD, or if it had a Save As field that would populate the 5 saving throw fields. (The OSE Essential extension did, but it's not critical.)

    The tab order has been the only soul-draining issue for me, because I have to mouse click on every field while updating the NPCs.

    Here's an example of me updating the module. I've got two FGUs open, the left is the OSE ruleset, the right is the old MoreCore. I can fill in the stuff on the left quickly just looking on the right, but without the tab order working it's a ton of clicking. Now I can just rip through it, then add the attacks and on to the next one.
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    "We all take our risks, here in the dungeon." --Bargle
    Watch For Falling Meteors ( Wednesday @ 7:00 PM Mountain - 5E World of Mystara
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    OK new build on Forge:

    1. You can now DRAG from CHAT window onto Tokens! This works for attacks, damage, and heals. Thank you Moon Wizard and Super Teddy.
    2. Fixed attack roll so a natural 20 is always a hit.
    3. Adjusted tab target on NPC sheet.
    4. Building in shields was causing some confusion. The Modifier box will now be hidden unless subtype selected is "Magic". Shields are already hard coded as a 1 reduction to AC.

    I also organized a lot of code and tried to eliminate duplicate code where I can. I may add additional effects in the future. As of right now AC ATK DMG and SAVE are the only effects working. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. Here or on Discord.

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    A couple questions from one who's interest has been piqued. Can you use the OSE ruleset to play basic modules (specifically keep on the borderlands in this case) roughly as originally written? Will OSE open KOTB or will u need a universal extension?

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    Hey so I developed several B modules X1 and X2 for the store and I can tell yes it absolutely works. Few caveats. Npcs and encounter have to be remade. Weapons and armor will need to be edited. Also weights since 2e doesn't use coin weights. I have run B11 and U1 in this ruleset. You can use the universal module extension to open the adventures in the OSE ruleset.

    Those B modules are BX so the ones in the store had their monster stats /items converted to 2e. OSE is a bx clone so change those back and your running it the author intended.

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    Thanks for the quick response! Are there any modules in the store programmed for BECMI or have they all been covered to 2e as that has the official support?

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    Pretty much everything has been converted to be compatible with 2e. Although when I did X1 I did not use 2e stat blocks for some of the monsters. If I did it would result in a TPK.
    You have several options. For 2e there is a 1e extension and EOTB has done a lot of OSRIC work. Also Xorn wrote an extension with OSE to work with BECMI. The 2e Ruleset does so much you end up not using a lot of it to play just a BX game. Also my computer sucks(im upgrading it now) and load times are a lot longer for me in 2e versus this ruleset. When I load OSRIC it is really bad. That is not their issue its an issue with my machine.

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    Small update:
    1. Fixed a bug where NPCs were rolling on PC attack matrix.
    2. NPC record: Fixed movement field. It is now a string field. Also updated parser so it will copy all forms of movement into block. I did this in such a way you will not get an error but will need to update the movement field.
    3. Made some cosmetic tweeks to number of records.
    4. Cleaned up more code, combined many more functions.

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