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    Small update today.

    Some players try to add a second race or class. They are now in for quite a shock!
    Updated fonts to ref-b for saves
    Fix an error on spell rollers for spells that were 1d6 x level.

    Please if you see a bug, no matter how minor let me know on this thread.

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    This mornings update.

    1.) Added the option for d6 thief skills to the character sheet!
    2.) Add Mental Powers to type cycler for spell.

    This is all to support publishing of the carcass crawler on the forge!

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    Great to hear. Looking forward to it.

    Play Adventurers League games on Fantasy Grounds Here!

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    Is it possible to choose to allocate only 50% of exp and gold to pc retainers?

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    Hmm can you do that on other rulesets? I'll have to think about how to do this. Good feedback thanks!

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    -Fixed issue where Controls were not stacking on CT. This manifested itself as a huge gap between weapon attacks and spells.
    -Tweaked the code on spell heals to allow coding a regen heal. It was not working as intended. To code a fix heal you leave the die field blank and adjust the modifier control in the spell window.

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    Also I was thinking if there is a way to categorize spells by level

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin1885 View Post
    Also I was thinking if there is a way to categorize spells by level
    I will add it to the list. Thanks for the feedback.

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    There seems to be an error with the exp in the tabs. For example, if I click on the button to add the exp to a PG, the total is replaced with the exp that is given at that moment.

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    Ok took me a second. Yeah its displaying the total earned THAT HAS NOT been applied (only granted). So what it is supposed to show is session xp. After each session you assign it on the character sheet and it zeros out.

    It is not supposed to show you total character xp.

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