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    Old School Essentials Stand Alone ruleset!

    What is OSE? OSE is a BX clone. it plays just like the 1981 Basic and Expert Rules as the creators intended.

    Read more about BX here.

    All of the B and X modules I developed for the FG store can open in this ruleset using Universal Module extension( Thank you Damned). I am in the process of retagging them all so the extension is not required. The monsters in those modules were converted to 2e ruleset so they will have to be redone if you use FG store adventures.

    JollyGm and I would like to share the latest ruleset we developed under our Rulesets For the People moniker. Old School Essentials. With the blessing from Necrotic Gnome this ruleset is for FREE on the Forge. Together we easily have over 100 hours into this ruleset and we did with no expectation of financial reward. GMJolly has already started our next ruleset which is going to be a generic d6 ( like Star Wars). Together with our patrons we will be selecting which ruleset will follow.

    Please see the videos below. After watching the videos and you still don't understand feel free to ask below. Just please start with " I watched your stupid video but.." and we will be happy to provide an answer.


    1. Full targeting implemented. Including dragging dice onto token or results from chat.
    2. The following effects are implemented: AC: DMG: SAVE: ATK:
    3. Before you enter NPCs watch video 4 for the string parser(will save you loads of time)
    4. This file is located in DATA, so knock yourself out just don't make fun of my coding
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    Thank you guys for doing this!

    Ive taken the liberty of starting a conversion of the Old School Essentials SRD
    Classes, Items, Spells, NPCs - everything you need to get going.
    Its free, so check it out if you like

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    I think there are two really important features that aren't getting enough attention when it comes to this new ruleset. First is already mentioned in Bayne's original post, but is just mentioned in a note. The other isn't mentioned anywhere here yet.

    1. There is a text parser for NPCs! Watch the video!
    2. You can load Classic D&D modules in the ruleset and it will get the vast majority of data transferred. AC and attacks don't come across quite right and need to be edited, but base AC and the amount of damage a lot of weapons are different between AD&D and basic so that's to be expected. This means you can play all the Basic modules that have been released in their intended ruleset as well as in AD&D.

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    Update being pushed on the Forge soon.

    1. Recoded all rollers for ability scores, skills checks, and percentile ability rolls. There was a bug where tower rolls were not being shown.
    2. Increased font size for output messages in chat
    3. Fixed issue where weapon selector would reset and it would not remember ammo if you equipped/unequipped weapon.
    4. For 6 sided die skill rolls it will now display your "x in 6" chance of success.
    5. Players can now edit their bonus XP field.
    6. Fixed an error that resulted when a player achieved max level.
    7. Current HP total (vice only maxhp) will now update when you level. Any wounds will still remain.

    edit: Added a Spell sort function into spell window. Also added support for Dolemwood Spells
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    After running a game of this Sunday evening, I have to say it's a blast. Fast combat, deadly combat, quick character creation ... it is simple to DM. Almost every attack could have meant a pc death, and would have if not for a weird run of 1's on damage rolls! If you're looking for a system that gets out of the way and just lets you play and role play this is it.

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    nice ruleset, i was able to create the NPC's for the module Hole in the Oak relatively easily. The module uses a "x" in the damage string rather than the "" it was expecting.

    What is the purpose of the client button on the combat tracker?

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    It let's the gm see the client side of the CT. Yeah I used the tomes as a guide for the parser. You will always need to double check the attacks. If the monster has wierd special attacks it won't parse it correctly. As it is it is a time saver for sure.

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    New Update on the forge.

    1. Cleaned up a ton of code. All of which having to do with race/class and leveling. When I added the advanced options there ended up being duplication so I streamlined into to two scripts.
    2. Advanced Class spells slots auto populate as players level.
    3. Please note Three Vision types are in this Ruleset. "Darkvision 60" (just like 5e), "Infravision 90" which is a heat vision for Drow et al., and finally normal 10 for humans. This lets humans see other tokens immediately adjacent to them but everything else is otherwise black.
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    I'm interested in fleshing out a BECMI extension for this ruleset, but I don't know what I'm doing really. If the framework for the adjustments interested in making were there I could probably flesh out what's missing.

    Character Sheet:
    - Main: Level Up button needs to work up to 36
    - Abilities: Spell Slots/Level need to go up to 9

    - BECMI monsters have a field for Intelligence (can be put on Notes tab, not critical)

    - BECMI spells all have an Effect: field before the description, just need a 1 line text field. It's usually describing the area of effect. (not critical, could be start of description)

    - General Skills (non-Thief abilities) roll 1d20 vs Ability Score (non-critical though, can just convert the d20 target to a % I suppose).

    So the priority for me would be Level 36 > Spell Slots to 9th > Spells Effect field > NPC Intelligence field > Skills toggle between % & 1d20 /rollunder

    Ruleset is fantastic though, I've already started converting my MoreCore w/ OSE Ext Rules Cyclopedia into a reference module for the Ruleset.
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