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    BX - D&D - One Shot 09/08/21 @ 8PM CST

    I have been wrapping my head around how I want to do this, and I think I finally have a good baseline that might/will change as I travel down this path. If you are interested in playing a BX D&D game, in a way that it was never intended or thought of being playing in 1981 than this might be the game for you.

    This game will be a one shot because it is to help teach those I play with locally both BX D&D and FG Unity I will just call it FG in the future. I am also rusty myself and this will be the chance to understand how the game will work in FG, I have larger campaign ideas further down the road. I am not saying that I will only do the campaign with those that I play with here, but if I know you are fun to play games with that is a plus. I may run the same few one shots a few times until I get the bugs worked out if needed. Please know my campaign is not designed as a one shot, so it will be run differently.

    The video/audio will be through a link that I can provide to FaceBook Messenger Rooms, turn off your camera if you wish to not be seen or provide a static picture you would prefer. This is more meant to communicate than anything. I chose this program because there is not a time limit like other forms of video chat, and you do not even need FB or Messenger to use it, the copied link will do it all. I also want to be clear, I do not want anyone recording this one shot, I will not be recoding it either, and I do not release the rights to show it, but if you want to talk about it I am ok with that. If you do please let me know, so I can check it out. Let me get a few games in before it goes out to the public. lol

    - First off anything you need I can send you a PNG of (Class/Race, Turning Chart, Spells & etc), I do not share whole PDFs, and the PDFs I have are all paid for. I do not hold it against people if they choose a different path, this is just the path I walk.

    - Books used are the Basic (Red in Color), Expert (Blue in Color) both by Tom Moldvay this is commonly referred to as the BX edition or the Moldvay Edition.

    - Characters are pre-made by me, I will post a work up with basic stats and what not and attach it to this thread. If you want to watch the characters made like I am going to do them on FaceBook Live or a more detail video about each of the Pre-Mades on YouTube my name on both FB and YouTube is DM Xoan feel free to search for it.

    - The Classes are Cleric (Human Only), Dwarf (Fighter like), Elf (Fighter or Magic-User like), Fighter (Human Only), Halfling (Fighter Like), Magic-User (Human Only), & Thief (Human Only)

    - We are using the THACO system, but no worries, I got you (DM Facing).

    - Variant Damage system will be used, that means more or less than just a d6 for damage.

    - Magic-Users & Elves roll for their spells twice and pick one they want to use when they get a spell, if enough time they can research the exact spell they want (Campaign Only).

    - Elves do not have "Spell Books" they are the spell book, Magic Users carry Spell Books.

    - 3rd level Character's only (One Shot Only) Campaigns start at 1st level baby!

    - FG doesn't have the rights to this version of the game so there are no Core Books. That said it wont matter a lot, because most of the game is DM Facing and I have the rules.

    What is DM Facing you might ask...
    - You roll to hit and when you hit the DM rolls the damage and then describes it. If it is a solid it, it will sound like it, if it is a glancing hit doing low damage it will sound like it. This means if you roll a critical hit you will know it, though you wont know exactly how big it was.

    - Critical Hits and Enemy Death when either of these happen I let you describe what happens, if the critical hit doesn't kill the creature, the creature will continue to fight on.

    - When you take damage the DM will described it to you using the same method as above, and if you drop below 50% or 25% the DM will let you know... Even at 3rd level BX is brutal, try to avoid combat, especially if you are not designed for it. lol

    - DM roll saves against things like charm, but you roll all other saves and the damage is described as above.

    What do we use FG for...
    I can understand the issue with that, and if I could buy the core rules for BX in FG I would for sure do that. I plan to run other editions of the game, and I play currently in a bi-monthly D&D 5e game. That said the biggest reason to be in FG is for maps, positioning, dices rolls, visual conditions (Poisoned, Bloodied, Near Death, & etc).

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    So I have made 8 different Pre-Made Character live on FaceBook... but it seems that my internet dropped mid way so it did not upload properly. I will post it on YouTube on Monday at 1 PM CST. I can tell you this group of Pre-Mades favor Clerics and Thieves, but I made at least one of each class/race.

    #1 - Cleric - Male - Trov the Lighthearted - Very Charismatic, Healthy, & Wise, with more smarts than is normally needed.
    #2 - Magic-User - Female - Cyd Ambertouched - Very wise, and is smart.
    #3 - Cleric - Female - Gladis the Bold - Very wise and is healthy.
    #4 - Fighter - Male - Khjane the Lefthanded - is a fighter of good health.
    #5 - Dwarf - Male - Grallic von Strass - it is a benefit to have no real negatives, and good combat stats.
    #6 - Thief - Male - Halbertt the Axe - is a thief of good health.
    #7 - Thief - Female - Jocka the Fleet - Very nimble and almost as charismatic
    #8 - Halfling - Male - Holval the Sourberry - Not as wise one should be for it age, but a Halfling none the less.

    If you want the actual stats look for them on FB once I get them done or in either part A or B of the Pre-Made Characters 1 on YouTube. One thing is for sure these are not min-max characters and it is sort of funny how they ended up.

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    I am not against OSE, but I was looking to do this without going down that road at first. Who knows where I will end I might be OSE or LL or something else.

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    Ok guys I have finally posted that video where I am talking about the Pre-made Characters, let me know what you think I am open to constructive and positive feedback.


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    hi any way i can get in on the one shot fun? New to FG but know the D and D as a player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annathornberry View Post
    hi any way i can get in on the one shot fun? New to FG but know the D and D as a player.
    Yes, I will contact you via messages!

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    Today at 8 PM we are actually wrapping up this game if you want to join us, it was meant to be a One Shot, but due to a slow start because I was having an ID Conflict with FG and we had so much fun in the game it ran late. I have added a bit, and changed the ending slightly so that it would fit another couple of hours vs 45 minutes.

    If you want to join it send me a message or post something here and be ready around 8PM CST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Do consider having a look at the newly dropped OSE ruleset.
    Where might I find this newly dropped OSE?
    DM/GM Since 1985. Unity and Classic Ultimate License.

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