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    LFG 2-4 Players Starfinder "Dead Suns" AP

    Hello, I'm going to be running a Starfinder campaign. One relative newbie and one complete newbie to the system. Start date unknown at this time, so let me know what works for you and we can work on it. We'll use Discord's voice chat, so be aware of that. Open to all skill levels. I'll be GMing, and I'm a trans-woman, so ABSOLUTELY NO HATE.

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    Hi, could you let us know what time zone you are in, what day of the week and time of day you are considering.

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    I would be interested in playing. I played Star Frontiers back in the day, but haven't played Starfinder. I've listented to some AP podcasts and have read up on the game--it seems like a great system. I'm in Virginia, so Eastern Standard Time. Would prefer to play late PM or early AM (when my family is asleep!) Thank you!

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    I would be interested, too. Newbie to Starfinder, but played Pathfinder, DnD for years. What timezone are you and what day were you thinking? I'm EST and prefer mid-week, if possible.


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    I'm EST (live in Ohio) and one of the other two confirmed players is ALSO EST (one lives with me and the other in Michigan, they said EDT). Only days/times that are out are Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, and alternate Saturdays at the very least. Everything else is open.

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    That sounds good. I can play on Wednesdays, if that's the day you decide to go with.


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    Quite interested in joining. Somewhat new to Starfinder, but eager to learn it. But all depends on the hours really. Being an EU player and all that.

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    Would Wednesday work for anyone? I've got three or four players currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElzbethE View Post
    Would Wednesday work for anyone? I've got three or four players currently.
    If weds. Is the day that fits the most people. I'll step out. Have a PF game going then.

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    Hello Elzbeth, I would like to join the game as well if still have openings. I'm EST also. Thanks! I will try to watch for answers.

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