Both Ultimate Licenses
Anytime Time zone, United States, English speaking
Saturdays all day, Sunday morning (EST), any One offs this week while im on Vacation
Any term goes if the scheduling works
Voice or non voice is good. Have discord, will install any voice needed
5e prefered but any system is fine
All characters are fun with the right personality, totally willing to player the type of character the group needs.

Ive played a long time but almost never as a player. I DM a long term group on Sunday nights. I like to get into character and make decisions based on my character and not the most profitable, easiest, etc. I like to read a lot, mostly fantasy, but other genres as well. Favorite book series in no particular order: LotR, Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire (GoT), Apprentice adept series, Mistborn and anything Brandon Sanderson, Pern, anything by Rpbin Hobb, and plenty of others. I ran my own system for years before coming to FG. Ive played Dnd for a long time as well as Merp, Rolemaster, Buck Rogers, Star Frontiers, Champions and probly a few others ive forgotten. I like to write short stories.

Thanks for reading!


email: debergerac88(at)gmail(dot)com