Greetings friends.

I'm once again posting a call for players for my first FG campaign.

This game will run each Tuesday from 7pm Eastern, till 10pm Eastern OR A GOOD BREAKING POINT. End time may vary from session to session, but will rarely go past 10pm.

The game will use Modified D&D3.5 Rules for the Iron Kingdoms setting.

I have a google page up for the game where I'm slowly getting some pertinent information added. The address is .

I'm not against using voice, but have no server of my own to use (I've not even looked at Skype, so I don't know if it's free or not). Text however will be heavily used as I feel it makes things easier on the GM at the least.

This game is intended for mature players, as there will be some adult/mature themes presented. Evil is really evil, and not stupid either, some grisly things can and will happen.

My contact info has been added to the campaigns page as an anouncement, or you can PM me here. First session (For character creation) will be Tuesday the 28th at 7PM. Earlier or One shot sessions for character creation can be scheduled at random times when you catch me online.