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    Tagging dice in dice pools

    I just bought FGII the other day and I'm mostly pleased with it, though it is so focused on d20 that you have to reverse engineer it to do anything other than d20 with it. (No news, since this is the reason this forum community exists.)

    One specific problem I have is that I can't take, say, a dice pool of d6's and color them or otherwise tag them. If I were playing Don't Rest Your Head, for instance, I would want to mark Exhaustion dice one color, Madness dice a second color, and Discipline dice a third color, so I could throw them all together. As it is, I have to throw this single roll in three steps.

    Am I wrong? Is there a mod that I could do that would help me with this?

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    There is none but since the dice would come up in a sequenctial order on the chat bloc, you could take them in that order for your 3 choices.

    I do it for TDE and it's 3 20 sided dice.
    I take the first number for the first rolled attribute and so on.
    Always keep it in perspective!

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    Yes, that's a decent workaround. Thanks for pointing it out.

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