- Started this homebrew campaign in July 2020

- The campaign is at level 5. You can roll your own or use a pre-generated.

- currently there are 4 other players but I am looking for up to 2 new players

- The campaign is varied, The other players have been very good role players. I try to have puzzles, skill tests, urban play and dungeons, I would estimate there is about 50% dungeons. But the players control what they want to do next. I try and have side quests available. And of course the players regularly go around the game I have planned.

- I started DMing in 1982 so I spent most of my time in AD&D, 2.5 years ago my family and I switched to 5e. and my 1st game in FG was in June in 2020

- I'm very open about the PC's I only have a couple things that I prefer 1) no evil player, 2)That the party are team players. I have no preferences as per class and I don't care if the party is "balanced". You can play any character and class you want. Right now There is a sorcerer, a rouqe, a fighter and a warlock. I have the following modules PHB, DMG, Sword Coast, Volo's Guide, Tasha's Cauldren and Xanathar's Guide. You can play a character from any of these modules and we use Discord for voice.

Just as a reminder we play every other Saturday.