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    Are Multiple Accounts Allowed?

    Is it okay for a person to have more than one Fantasy Grounds account with a different username for each account?

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    Why would you want to have different accounts like that?


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    Personally I wanted this ability to play with my children on my Ultimate account and they are too young for their own email addresses.

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    That is a use case for setting up multiple accounts that we definitely allow; and have seen others do in the past.

    For the OP, the main thing is we don't want people setting up multiple accounts in general, because it bloats the user base, confuses other users, increases support, and purchases are tied to only one account.


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    Also remember that you can sign in as "localhost" to get a second instance that you can throw on a monitor.

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    Thanks everyone. I actually found the answer in the frequently asked questions. Oops! That was also where I found out how to change my username, which was the reason I wanted to create another account (I wanted the username Imagifox, so I had planned to create an account with that name and then abandon my previous account.) So, the moral of the story is: check the FAQs.

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    I didnt know about the localhost! Thanks nylanfs.

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