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    Quote Originally Posted by amanwing View Post
    Is it possible to use this in the Shadows of the Demon Lord ruleset?
    Nope, this extension itself has a lot of support for 5e mechanics baked in. However, there is a fork of the extension on the Forge called Cohorts and Companions that is intended for use with any ruleset based on CoreRPG (I think SotDL is, though I can't say for sure)
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    does friendzone work in pf2?

    Hey idiot (me) read the post above... HAHAHAH sigh Thank you!

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    This looks to be having issues in TEST. Passing the info along.

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    When selecting any NPC, it gives an error image.png

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macsim833 View Post
    When selecting any NPC, it gives an error image.png
    I'm not getting this error, can you give more information?

    Also have you tested with no other EXTs loaded? (I forget to do this all the time)

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    The same error described above by Macsim833 happens again after the latest FGU 4.5.0 update. With only Friend Zone loaded, when a PC has a cohort the error appears any time an NPC sheet is opened by the GM.
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    Just wanted to inform you that as of FG update v.4.5 the Friend Zone extension is no longer working correctly.

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    Same here, just to confirm.

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    after 30 minutes of waiting for my post to show up, I'm posting again. Sorry if this winds up being a duplicate.
    I am having the same problem as @Macsim833.
    I created a new campaign.
    I only have FriendZone loaded (the problem does not happen with FriendZone disabled)
    The error occurs with 0+ characters. (I tested with 0 characters and 1 character)
    The error occurs with the Host or Client.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Create a new 5E campaign, select only the FriendZone extension.
    2. Once the campaign is loaded navigate to NPCs
    3. Open any NPC
    4. 14 Errors occur all involving Window Control (contentframe)

    Pastebins of logs:
    https://pastebin.com/GVqwN90g - first brand new campaign
    https://pastebin.com/9wqbpiBz - second brand new campaign

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    Same here as well - I'm also getting this error with Kit n' Kaboodle - but when I isolate to one or the other, it still exisits; so its an issue for Friend Zone specifically, at the very least.

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