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    Immunities & Resistance Listings for PF2e

    Can anyone point me to a definitive Immunities & Resistance listings that I can use in NPC creation?

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    Listed in the effects Wiki page. The IMMUNE, RESIST and WEAK effects have a descriptor of [damage type] which is detailed under the table where those effects are listed.
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    That does not actually seem to be a definitive list of Immunities or Resistances for PF2e though.

    There are items that are not listed in the [damage type] that are shown for monsters in the bestiaries list like death effects, doomed, drained, fatigued, healing, necromancy, nonlethal attacks, paralyzed, sickened, unconscious, and probably others. Creatures like golems have a lot of things listed under Immunities that when imported into the combat tracker get parsed as "IMMUNE: XXXXX" but I am unsure if they will do anything during play even though they are in the combat tracker.

    Maybe the better title would be, "Immunities & Resistance Listings for PF2e that work in FGU"

    I am currently running if PF2e campaign while converting a PF1 AP and there are immunities from PF1 that do not necessarily have a PF2e equivalent. I am just trying to sort what I can bring over and what can get dropped when converting monsters that don't exist yet in the PF2e system. This process usually goes pretty smoothly but with creatures like golems it is a pain since there are so many immunities and resistances that don't cross over.
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    Check out this section, Stargrove: Archives of Nethys: Damage Types

    Within the various sections, there are listings of the damage types associated with them (energy, physical, etc). This should give you an idea of what's out there, what can be resisted, vulnerable, or immune to.
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