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    Effect to grant additional damage on next damage roll?

    I'm working on a custom feature that marks a hostile creature and the next time it takes damage from an ally's attack, the ally rolls an additional 1d6 for the damage and then heals for the amount rolled. Is there anyway I can automate this as an effect or would it just be easier to have an effect for the "mark" for bookkeeping purposes and then having my players roll for the damage and healing on their own? I thought their might be an effect similar to the GRANTADVATK modifier but for damage, but I can't seem to find anything.

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    You'll need to apply a custom effect to the target such as 'Damage Me More' and then have an effect on each player along the lines of IFT: CUSTOM (Damage Me More); DMG: 1d6. There's not currently a way to use that dice rolled in this way to heal the parson dealing the damage so you'd need to do that bit manually.

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    Gotcha! I actually figured out that method since it's similar to how Hunter's Mark is handled, but I was hoping I was just over-complicating things. Thank you, though!

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    Oh I think you are over complicating it

    I don't bother with an effect with these types of things. My players know they need to remember this and just roll an additional 1d6 and drag the results to the modifier box before rolling damage. I guess in part since we are so used to playing in person and on paper, that we don't feel a need to automate everything or to have FG remind us of every possibility. But I can understand the desire for more automation though.

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