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    Effect Save Automation

    I am trying to create an ability for a creature to have an ability to apply the effect Immobilize to a character and automate the characters Save DC roll after it has been applied so they have a chance to get un-Immobilized. I have created the automation on the creature as follows:

    "immobilized"|Effect: Immobilized; Frozen in Place, SAVE:Will DC 24 [DC:24]

    It gets properly applied to the character when they are targeted and I double click on the effect. Once it is on the character I see the four little buttons as expected and they say ON, ALL, VSBL, START, the text reads, "Immobilized; Frozen in Place, SAVE:Will DC 24, the Duration is set to 0, it shows the DC as 24, and the Init to Adjust On shows 18.
    Screenshot 2021-08-04 194557.png

    When it gets to that characters turn I had hoped it would automatically roll the Will Save against DC 24 for the player.

    Hopefully I just created the effect improperly on the creature.

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    The DC in an effect is for information only and provides a reference for any manual checks. The exception to this is the flat check for persistent damage (PERS effect).

    Immobilized, for example, has this note in the Effects Wiki page: "Handle DC checks for external force moving immobile creature manually."
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