Hey everyone,

the people at the Roll for Combat podcast have set up a brilliant looking new product.
It also has a crafting system to use monster parts to spice up weapons, armour and other stuff.
Check out this interview Battlezoo Bestiary

Stephen Glicker (Roll for Combat) and Mark Seifter (Pathfinder Lead Designer) drop by to talk about their upcoming book,
the Battlezoo Bestiary! With over 100 new monsters, two new archetypes and a new crafting system that allows you to become
the Monster Hunter of your dreams, this book is packed with new content for Pathfinder 2nd edition!
Check it out when it hits Kickstarter on August 31st and sign up for notifications today by visiting kickstarter.rollforcombat.com!

Personally, I can't wait and my players really want the crafting of monster parts.