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Thread: Forge Updates

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    Forge Updates

    Release: February 10, 2022
    Release Notes:
    • Feature: Crafters can now depict an order for their items to show up on their profile page. The display priority values range from 0-255, and sort in ascending order, so 0 will be at the top, 255 at the bottom. All items default to 255, so you don't need to set all your items, just the ones you want up top. Also crafter profiles are now uniquely titled.
    • Fix: Sale times and dates not being clear to crafters.
    • Fix: User Purchase history not paging correctly

    Release: January 25, 2022

    Release Notes:
    • Feature: Added the ability to use Forge rulesets as an item's category, and added sorting by Forge Rulesets to the Product Category filters. Items that use a Forge Ruleset as their category will have a link on their listing and page that will link back to the specified rulesets. Forge Rulesets can also reference themselves as their own category after creation and approval, allowing for cleaner filtering.
    • Small Addition: Added Any Ruleset Category, so crafters no longer need to select every single ruleset for token packs and such.
    • Small Addition: Added item counts to payout reports. Note, this is the net items sold, so not including refunds.
    • Small Addition: Added Support Portal link

    Release: January 13, 2022

    Release Notes:
    • Feature: Crafters can now calculate a sale's total using the Calculate total button on a completed sale. Note, this may need to be recalculated in case of a refund, but can be done by just pressing the button again. The error box will inform you if there was no update to the count.
    • Feature: Crafter Payout Details. Crafters can now review past payouts and which transactions were paid in a payout, or view payout details by item to see how they are performing.
    • Feature: Crafter Pending Payout Summary and Details. Crafters can now view information on transactions that have yet to be paid out. Note: This includes transactions that are still within the refund window, so amounts are subject to change.

    Release: January 10, 2022

    Release Notes:
    • Feature: Added the ability for crafters to export their item transaction information
    • Fix: Visitors can now view the shop again without errors
    • Fix: Royalty Crafters are now required to be valid sellers to be added to items. If you are a royalty crafter (You assisted in an item but did not upload it yourself) please check your seller info is correct for future payouts.

    Release: December 16, 2021

    Release Notes: Features
    • Feature: Promotional Sales
      • Crafters can now set up sales for their items, using the new Promotion Sales tab in their Manage Craft screen.
      • This is done by clicking the Add New Sale button, setting the sale start date and end date, then selecting which items will be on sale and at what percentage of a discount (5-100%), and then clicking the save button.
      • The start date can go out up to eight weeks, and items can't have sales start within eight weeks of eachother. The end date can be set one day to one week from the start date.
      • Once a sale is saved, you can see it appear in the Sales table under the Add New Sale button, where it will highlight in one of three colors:
        • Green: Sales that have yet to start
        • Blue: Sales in progress
        • Grey: Completed Sales
      • If a sale hasn't started yet, you can remove it by clicking it's delete button. If a sale has started but you want to end it early, you can stop it by clicking the end button.
      • Note: A deleted sale will not block you from making a new sale with that item, but if a sale is ended prematurely, it will still block a new sale on that item for eight weeks as if the sale completed.
      • When an item is on sale, you can find it in the shop with it's new sale price, advertising how much it is currently off. Both buying it for yourself, or buying it as a gift, will only cost the discounted price.
      • You can also sort for sale items in the Price filter by selecting Sale Only.
      • Note: Due to the current filter set up, items that are 100% off will not show up in the free item filter. The best way to find these would be to filter by Sale Only, then sort by price.
      • Items' sale prices will also reflect on their individual item pages.

    Release Notes: Fixes
    • Fix: Crafter's Transactions Table will now more accurately show their transactions. (Purchases of their items and donations to them are now shown as positive, and refunds are negative)

    Release: December 2, 2021

    Release Notes: Features
    • Feature: Gifts
      • Users can now gift other users forge items
      • Crafter's can gift users any of their created items, as long as that item has a single approved build, this includes unlisted items.
      • Otherwise, users can purchase and gift Items that cost gold, pulling the cost out of their own treasury.
      • This can be done through the new gift button on the view item page, below buy(or owned) and donate. After clicking it a dropdown will appear where the gifter can type in the recipient's username.
      • Once an item is gifted, the gift receiver should receive an email informing them, and can accept or reject the gift from their inventory page, in the new pending gifts section.
      • When a gift is accepted, an email will be sent out to the gifter to inform them, and it will move to the users inventory, and from there it acts as a normal purchase would.
      • When a gift is rejected, an email will be sent out to the gifter, and any gold spent on the item will be refunded to their treasury.
    • Feature: When submitting a build, if there is an invalid file, it will notify the uploader of the first file that failed validation so they can better tackle fixing it.

    Release: November 10, 2021

    Release Notes: Features
    • Users no longer have to be logged in to view the Forge, although logging in is still required for purchases and other functionality.

    Release Notes: Fixes
    • Fixed instances where users could not see items in the client, or disable items from the forge. If you cannot see an item in the client, please try disabling and reenabling it.
    • Fixed an issue with donations in crafter transaction tables.

    Release: October 13, 2021

    Release Notes
    • Added Token Pack Builder
    • Added Portrait Pack Builder
    • Added Map Pack Builder

    * To use the new builders, set the product type to a Map Pack, Token Pack, or Portrait Pack. Once you do this, there will be a new tab added to the Build Uploads screen where you can drag and drop files to the screen. Portraits will be automatically re-sized to 100px by 100px. Tokens will be automatically resized to 100px by 100px for medium and smaller, and 200px by 200px for larger than human sized creatures. Maps will use meta-data files (xml files) that match the same filenames when present. If missing, the system will generate a meta-data file for it with the gridsize you specify on the form. You can specify a folder name for each image or leave it in the root of the images folder.

    Release: August 31, 2021

    Release Notes
    Improved login experience
    Added feature to hide/disable updates on inventory items no longer wanted
    Added donation feature
    Fixed issue with saving/displaying italic text in item descriptions
    Fixed issue with sorting search results in shop
    Fixed issue with UI showing the wrong thread link
    Fixed wiki links
    General UI fixes

    Release: August 20, 2021

    Release Notes
    Added additional search filter options
    Rating system
    Added feature to submit required information to become a seller
    Added multi-category support for items
    User interface improvements
    Bug fixes

    Release: August 3rd, 2021

    New/Updated Features
    Added option for users to purchase a custom amount of gold.
    Install location is now a per-item settings instead of per-build.
    Editing an item description no longer removes the item from the shop; instead, the item remains listed with the old description until the new one is reviewed/approved.

    Fixed issue with item subscriptions.
    Fixed issue with shop refreshing the search results after making a purchase.
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    This must be so cool!
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    New update for the forge: Gifts, further information at the top of the thread.

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    Thanks for all the work on Forge. I do love the fact it keeps my extensions auto updated.
    For users that have originally purchased on DMG where the product has moved to Forge would there be a way to automate in bulk to get it gifted on forge? For example, a feature of a bulk gift to a list of users or where as a user they could send proof of purchase/ownership to SmiteWorks to trigger the gift.

    There are two secrets to life: 1) Don't tell everything you know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by graphil View Post
    Thanks for all the work on Forge. I do love the fact it keeps my extensions auto updated.
    For users that have originally purchased on DMG where the product has moved to Forge would there be a way to automate in bulk to get it gifted on forge? For example, a feature of a bulk gift to a list of users or where as a user they could send proof of purchase/ownership to SmiteWorks to trigger the gift.
    That was discussed in some thread, and this is sadly not possible, if I recall correctly. You can try to contact the dev such that they do it for you, but it is unlikely that they do it for all customers depending on the number of users

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