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    LFG 1 Player LF Fri ET US TZ pref AD&D 2E, 1E, or GURPS, willing to learn 5E, C&C

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Time Zone: I'm in Eastern Time US, but I'm a night owl so I can do other TZ to the west if it doesn't go too late
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Fridays weekly, or every other week, is preferred. Willing to discuss other frequencies. I can start after 7 pm ET, end before 2 am ET (11 pm PT)
    Term: Long-term campaign preferred
    Voice: Discord preferred, TS or others possible

    Game System Preferred: in order, I prefer AD&D 2E, AD&D 1E, or GURPS (fantasy preferred, but I like other genres too). I can get by with OSRIC and other 1E/2E clones. I'd like to learn D&E 5E or C&C (see below).
    Game System Experience: I'm in my early 50's, so I started with the blue book rules when they were a couple of years old, and picked up AD&D 1E soon after, then 2E when it was new. GURPS a few years after 3E came out, have the 4E books but really haven't used them. Have many GURPS 3E and 4E supplements, and have used Magic, Supers, Prime Directive, and others. I've never played 5E or C&C but I'm interested in learning them because they both seem to be fairly lean in their approach to rules. I've looked at Pathfinder and other D&D systems but my impression is they suffer from rules bloat. I'd be happy to find out they're not as complex as they seem if that's the case. I've been a DM/GM during most of this time, because I was usually the only one willing, but I'd like to be a player for a while.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I bought a standard license some years ago and played a couple of sessions of one campaign with a nice group of people, but we didn't seem to gel. I upgraded to a Unity Ultimate license last year but only just recently started to play around with it. I'd describe myself as an advanced beginner at this point. :-) I want to use FG as a live-session game aid for a campaign I DM, but I'd like more experience as a player first.

    Character Type Preferred: I like to play clerics (and 2E specialty priests) because I don't think they get the respect they deserve from other players I've worked with. (e.g. "I want to play a cleric, but I don't care about religion." Wha?) I don't like playing bards and monks, because I have a hard time imagining them in my worlds. Any other class is an opportunity for some new and interesting character to explore.

    About me: I'm a devoted role player. Not that I have a problem with games that include lots of combat, but RP tabletop gaming for me is all about the personalities of the characters. I don't get into it so much that I'm always in character, but the most memorable sessions I've played and GM'd have been about the grand ad-libbed speeches and odd character traits invented. And if your players like to step out of character to laugh at themselves, or remember memorable moments of past sessions, even better (as long as we don't get the session completely off-track in the process). On a personal note, I'm a divorced man who until recently spent way too much time taking care of his octogenarian mother, and now I have time on my hands. A more well-adjusted fellow would develop a social life, but alas, I'm a gamer.
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    Had a couple of inquiries, but still looking.

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    I also am looking for a AD&D 2E game. Preferably with a 3k xp start (as level 1 is brutal AF) but not a requirement.

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