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    [LFG] Veteran Seeks Long Term A/D&D Campaigns - Dedicated Role-Player!

    System: Will consider anything, but primarily AD&D 2E, D&D 3.5E, D&D 5E, or any Star Wars ruleset except FFG.
    Availability: Any days except Wednesdays, from 7/8pm-midnight EST. Would love to start with something today (Sunday), and commit weekly thereafter if things work out well!
    Voice and Video: Fine with both. Very clear, professional mic and green screen setup.
    Experience: 26+ years starting from AD&D, with thousands of hours online as player and GM, some for charitable works related to VTT gaming.
    Preferences: Long term games which plan to go on for months or even years are great. I love the openness and freedom these can provide players, the ability to create lasting marks on the game world and to become someone more than an adventurer. I enjoy games which embrace role-playing and allow for both creative character ideas and solutions to problems.
    NOTE: I am specifically on the lookout for a mid-to-high level, long term campaign at this time. It could be a series of modules tied together with homebrew material, however you wish to go about it, so long as it's not a low level start. I'd like my adventurer to be a bit more seasoned! Games which are ongoing but could use a player to fill a niche are welcome; I don't mind that I missed some adventuring as long as I start on equal footing!
    Paying: Please see my post in the Paid Games forum about this.
    About Me: 36 years old, male, physically disabled, former voice actor, currently both employed in the gaming industry and doing paid GMing and charitable work related to gaming online in VTT and other settings. Always on the lookout for games to keep me occupied and (mostly) sane. In a particularly stressful time right now with an unexpectedly ailing parent, which makes your invitations all the more welcome. Hello anxiety!
    Contact: Have a matching game I can get in on starting today? Just PM me here or for an even faster reply, DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (you may need to friend me first to get around Discord). Thank you!

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    I am looking to start a Sunday group and would prefer if it were long running. Like yourself I have been playing a long time (starting 1980 - Red box). I also play in a long running Forgotten Realms campaign. Thus for DMing purposes, I have been reading up on Eberron just so that I do not have to own spoiler books and my own DM can keep his secrets No Eberron knowledge is required to play as everything will be explained as necessary.

    Here is original LFP invitation on Discord:

    Feel free to friend me on Discord at mototheadabega#5949 if intertested. Thank you for your post.

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    Hi there, I also started with the Red Box, and rolled an Elf. Not an elf fighter, just an Elf. (He ended badly, we don't talk about it.)

    Anyways, I am a big fan of Eberron. I'd be open to DM'ing an Eberron campaign but am not totally convinced I have the FG skills to do so. I would be very interested in your game. I'll check out your Discord post as well.


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    It's good to meet another life-long gamer. I, too, have been gaming for 25+ years starting at AD&D.

    I am currently running a group through the Pathfinder 1e Ruins of Azlant adventure path. Pathfinder is very similar to 3.5e and is often considered to be 3.75e. At any rate, our group is 9th level and just about half-way through the AP. Our sessions are on Saturdays from 11 am to 3pm CDT. Send me a PM if you are interested.

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    Still looking, starting with campaigns as soon as 8pm EST! I have plenty of concepts and character ideas in mind, ready to be assembled to perfectly fit a needed niche in your existing adventure/party. Just DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (you may need to friend me first). Thank you!

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