Hi all. I would love to find a weekly or bi-weekly MG2e (Traveller) game. Iíve got a basic knowledge of the system but lack long term experience. My goal is to play for a bit before refereeing. (Though my goal does not affect my standing as a player.)

Iíve joined multiple groups, but few seem to hold together. Or play as scheduled for one reason or another. Iíve purchased literally every available Traveller MG2e book snowbirds offers. I have hard copies of the others they havenít yet. Point being, Iím very invested and want to truly learn and enjoy the system.

If you have a place for me, Iím available most days and times. I live in US CST (GMT -5) willing to play with anyone in any time zone as long as they soak English and the time matches up well enoughÖ I canít obviously play at 2am my time, but as long as it works for me, Iím open to playing with anyone!