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    It looks like you are running the Test version of the ruleset code with the Live version of the FG client. Since the new ruleset code uses new APIs in FG v4.5.0, you'll need to be running both the FG test version for both application and rulesets.

    If your versions are not matching up; make sure that the shortcut that you use to start FG is pointing to the same folder as the FG application folder in the FG Settings.


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    It probably belongs here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ker-visual-bug
    Sorry for the cross posting in Alien rpg thread and general House of healing, I think it is a Ruleset related bug.
    please feel free to delete it if needed.

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    I was going through character creation with one of my players using the pulp cthulhu extension, and we ran into some nasty issues, (these screenshots are from me trying to reproduce these issues locally for debugging purposes)

    This is the first issue I am able to consistently reproduce, I'm not sure if I was able to reproduce this with the player:
    • open a new character sheet as gm
    • go to skills tab
    • open the same character sheet as a player
    • go to skills tab

    when the second user loads the skills tab, one of the skills tabs breaks, can be host or client
    Screenshot 2024-03-27 205006.png

    Upon restarting, the skills appear to come back, but the empty ones have to be repaired manually.

    Next issue, this is the one that caused us to have to restart multiple times:

    • GM go to skills tab
    • player open same sheet as gm
    • player go to skills tab (to trigger load)
    • player or GM go to personal tab
    • drop an occupation on the occupation section (I was for sure able to reproduce it with the big game hunter occupation)
    • edit any skill that requires text-based inputs in the window that pops up (not sure if this also happens with the dropdown selections)
    • observe skills tab on either host or client

    The skills keep popping in and out, likely because there's a change listener triggering simultaneously on the client and host. this also causes fgu to lag out until the client logs out. It throws an error on the gm side when they do.
    Screenshot 2024-03-27 210129.png

    Another issue we had (no picture this time, it's easy to reproduce though)
    • GM and player open the same character sheet
    • GM and Player go to personal tab
    • GM or Player drop a talent onto the talent section
    • Compare the name text for the talent between the GM and the Player, one is blank, the other is not

    Another similar issue exists with dropping a weapon onto the inventory tab (one of them is blank), equipping it, and observing the weapon on the main tab. Nothing shows up on the main tab for the one that's blank.

    I am on the Live branch
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    Hi Nightstride, thanks for taking the time to reproduce and report these.

    I'll take a look and see if we can sort them out.

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    these issues may be related to a desync issue that fg appears to be having in general right now. I've seen the issue in 3 different rulesets (COC, RED, and 5e)

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    Moon pushed a fix, and it appears to have resolved the worst of the issues above. Things appear to be a little fiddly with the occupation editable skills, but otherwise it's manageable.

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    Thanks for the update. I’ll look at the occupation skills.

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    I can't seem to reproduce the problem with the occupation skills ant more, can you check if it still happens now?

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    The popping issue was resolved with the fg update. The Occupation fiddlyness comes into play when you edit a typed field on an occupation, click off, then come back and edit it again. You get another instance of the skill with the updated text.

    I see 2 possible ways to resolve this:

    1. attach the occupation node id appended to the skill element node id (if it's a list, the element id should be fine) to the skill with a hidden field, then on focus lost of the skill edit field, delete any corresponding ids from the skill list and add the updated skill with the same info. On changing of the occupation, search for only the occupation node id in all the skills and delete them. With this it may be necessary to manually call the focus() function on buttons (I think that's the function)

    2. Add autofill recommendations to the editable fields. This is probably the easiest to do, and would make editing the typed portions of skills far easier. In fact I'd recommend doing this one in addition to one the above option since it would give users a better idea of the base skill options. The party sheet inventory of core does this, so that can be referenced to see how it's done.
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    issue with chases

    I was checking chases on the combat tracker, and I believe I'm seeing an issue. Some NPCs, when added to the combat tracker, have a blank MOV, which is throwing the movement point calculations off. I'll attach an example.
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