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    Within the module, A Cold Fire Within, there are some images in the image folder that are empty: "N'x-Yhaa-Wil", "N'x-Yhaa-Wil's Visions", "Dr Walter Nesbitt and R'ga-lil", and "The City Palace of V'thruu".

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    In The Haunting 7E reference manual, there are a number of invalid characters that are rendered as a square, usually quotation marks or hyphens. Here are a few examples, but they are throughout the entire module:
    • Locations > The Boston Globe
      • In the first keeper's note after "the people they could meet[]" (probably should be a '-')
      • In the second keeper's note after "versus the investigator[]s" (probably should be a ')
    • Locations > The Central Library
      • At the end of the first paragraph after "resolve their investigations[]" (probably should be a '-')
      • In Handout 4 after "leave the area []" and "unauspicious demeanor.[]" (probably should be double quotes).
      • Also, "Handound 3" and "Handount 4" are both spelled wrong
      • Handout 6 does not have a ':' after it like the other handout labels.

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    In the Call of Cthulhu 7e ruleset reference manual, opening page C1 - Introduction > Example of Play throws a console error:
    [ERROR]  windowcontrol: Database type mismatch on path (text) in control (text) in class (story_block)
    [ERROR]  Handler error: [string "CoreRPG:scripts/manager_story.lua"]:1811: attempt to index local 'cText' (a nil value)

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    Just pushed fixes for those. Please run a new Check for Updates.


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