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    Best Way to Handle Alternate fire / Dual Ammo Type Weapons?

    I'm adapting a setting to SWADE+SFC that features some weapons that have the capability to fire 2 different ammo types. For instance, a futuristic submachine gun that can fire either 12mm (.45 cal) standard rounds, but also 5.56mm (.22 cal) high velocity armor-piercing rounds. I also have a stun baton that does melee lethal damage, but can also fire a very short range electrical shock. So far I've been creating 2 separate weapon items, with the different damage type in the name and different damage values and weapon types in the case of he baton.

    I'm far from savvy with all the different effects listing for this ruleset though, so I'm wondering if there's some way to achieve this with just a single, weapon item?

    [Edit] Nevermind - no sooner did I post this, that I remembered the sub attack feature - doh! I'll just use that.
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    I was going to type sub-attacks, the only problem you cannot store them on items, just PCs and NPCs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doswelk View Post
    I was going to type sub-attacks, the only problem you cannot store them on items, just PCs and NPCs
    Yup, I realized that. It's not much of a problem though as with this adaptation I'm working from a Treeline outline, in which each weapon entry has details for the alternate fire range, damage (Attributes & dice types), damage type, ROF and AP. My idea is to just copy it into the weapon notes with the simplest, clearest formatting I can manage so that it can be easily referenced for creating the sub-attacks. Some of it can even be copied & pasted.

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