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    Best ways to write FG campaigns on multiple computers. Git?

    Hi Everyone,

    Had my first in-person roleplaying games for 18 months this week. I missed FG so much I ended up running it on my laptop while I was DM'ing so I could do all the NPC and story lookups at the table. This led me to wonder what the best way to organise myself for using "FG everywhere" was going to be.

    Right now, my "master copy" of the Smiteworks directory with all my resources, campaigns, etc. is my primary work desktop iMac Pro. It would be very useful to be able to develop stuff on different machines like my laptop and my secondary iMac.

    Cloud-based filing systems are strongly advised against for FG, which rules out the most obvious approach of just having everything on my iCloud.

    I don't feel much like manually copying across stuff if I've been writing on my laptop and want to run the next session on my desktop machine.

    How do other people handle this?

    Anyone tried using GitHub or similar?

    Cheers, Hywel

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    You could use a cloud to have the data synchronised across multiple PCs, just don't use the cloud for active play. Just disable the cloud sync once the currently used PC is up to date and then re-enable after a session is finished.

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    I don't use it for FG, but I use Resilio Sync file synching software for a smalltime niche development project that I didn't want to use git for. I keep it paused most of the time, do some work, then just let it sync the desktop, laptop, and a NAS with one click, providing both synched files and a backup in one go. It then goes back to paused mode. Not sure if it fits your use case, or if it's even a good idea to use it for FG. There are free alternatives, like grsync. Resilio doesn't require a cloud in the middle to keep things synched, it's all peer to peer on my local network.
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    GIT, SVN, or just a batch file to copy it to and from a shared location (cloud). Really just depends on what you are most comfortable with. I don't think their is objectively a "best" solution.

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    Keep in mind the problem with storing stuff on the cloud is *auto sync* while FG is actually running. Its perfectly fine if you *manually* sync when FG is not running.

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    Use whatever you like, I use OneDrive...exclude the vault folder from the sync, and ALWAYS be sure that you don't have FG running in 2 places (at the same time).

    Even if you turn off sync before starting FG and if you are running FG in 2 places, issues are likely to arise.

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    I use git (happens to be bitbucket, but github would work the same way). Each campaign in a separate repo.

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    Ah! So that sounds workable, Imagix. What do you do about tokens, images, etc? Do you place them campaign-by-campaign, or use modules to share between campaigns?

    Cheers, Hywel

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    Modules. You could also store your "global" things in a repo as well (like extensions and such). So you could store your global images and extensions too.

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    Currently for my face to face games using the laptop I just copy the entire FG folder from the Smiteworks directory under Appdata from my desktop. I'd like to have any updates save to a cloud based system, so that my laptop uses the cloud too, but have no idea how to do this and keep both desktop and laptop in synch.

    Any advice on what I'd need or how to start would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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