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    RESIST; does it still not work or am I doing it wrong

    I was looking through the C&C Effects list in the rule-set in FGU and I saw RESIST (subtracts "x" amount of damage). I thought that was cool so I made some stuff that would have damage reduction then upon doing a test in the combat tracker I find I can't get any resist effect to work. I know damage types are not in the rule-set but I, perhaps naively, thought that it would still simply subtract the "x" number of any damage done to the creature. Upon searching the forums I found two different threads about resist not working and people working hard on adding in damage types and such so it could be implemented. Both threads were over 2 years old...so, just wondering, has any progress been made on this front.

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    I feel like this forum is pretty much dead, or at least everything is on hold while we wait for the new ruleset. Over on Discord, the Trolls say they're shooting for mid September to have it out...
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    Yes, the C&C publisher is working on a reboot; so we've only been providing compatibility updates to make sure it continues to work with any CoreRPG layer changes.


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