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    Automatically cover explored areas

    I was trying to find an answer to this question, but came up short. I am trying to run a maze, and using line of sight. Is there a way for me to set it up, so that my players do not automatically see the areas they have already uncovered? When I move their tokens in a vision preview, the parts of the map they have been to remain uncovered, but greyed out by fog of war. I want it all gone, they are in a maze after all I can do it manually using the "reset fog of war" option in the token menu, but is there a way to do it automatically? For illustration I uploaded two images, the first image (Uncovered) is what the players see, the second (covered), is what I want them to see.
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    Not automatically, no. So either reset the fog of war, remove and replace the tokens from the map every so often or use the mask to cover and uncover areas as the players move. (Also just because they are in a maze doesn't mean someone isn't taking a note of where they've been or using the old ball of twine trick).
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    I'm grateful for this question for I've been wondering the same thing. Not all parties take the time to map their journey so they get a free pass when the map keeps explored areas uncovered. I'll have to see if this has been submitted to the idea informer.

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