Game System: Starfinder
Day of the Week: Thursday 7/29
Frequency: One Shot
Time: 7 EDT
Venue: Discord and FGU

Looking for one more player for tomorrow evening, running a Starfinder one shot, Band on the Run. 4th level pregens provided. I have an ultimate license, so no need for you to purchase the software.

My Starfinder campaign group recently wrapped up, and while I'm not yet ready to commit to another long term campaign, I'm looking to meet more remote gamers and stay familiar with the game by running occasional one shots out of my Discord server.

Here's the story:

The members of the up-and-coming rock band Neon & Noqual are all set for the career-making opportunity to play at the Pact Worlds' biggest concert venue! But when their rickety starbus breaks down with mere hours left in the journey, the musicians will have to pack up their instruments and hitch a ride or two through the asteroids of the Diaspora. Will the power of music help them get to the gig on time, or will they miss their shot at making it big?
I'll be running more one shots or the short Junker's Delight campaign soon. Probably go back to running an AP by next year at the latest.