I'm fairly new to PF2. My regular group plays on Saturday nights and we just started a PF2 game, but other commitments and schedules mean we aren't playing very often. I want to get more experienced with PF2.

I've been playing PF1 off and on for near ten years now, and some experience with 5e and a few other systems. I generally like a nice mix of roleplay and combat, though I'm not usually super active in RP situations, at least until I get to know the rest of the group fairly well. I often make very detailed character backgrounds, though, and love to have my character background intertwined with the adventure in some way. I typically play a Ranger or a martial character like a paladin or fighter, but I'm open to anything.

Looking for a weeknight game that starts around 7pm central, Monday thru Thursday. Friday night I might be available, but I don't want to commit my Fridays to anything long-term. Same with my weekends, I've already got the game on Saturday nights, and I don't really want to add more to the weekend.

I have FG ultimate, so license does not matter. Prefer Discord voice, preferably not streamed with video. I have no way to stream video, but I'm not against a streamed game as long as I don't have to get a camera.

PM me with any interest.