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    Passing character name TO FG?

    I created an altered character sheet for Fate Core. I did not inherit the charsheet_main as it just makes a garble of the graphics I want. But I noticed my sheet is not passing the name to FG in the character selection window. What do I need to pass that name from my charactersheet TO FG properly?

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    The database does not know anything about windows; and windows and fields each have data source paths. It sounds like either the window source has changed for the window containing the "name" field; or the "name" field has been changed to a different name attribute or location. Also, make sure the name field is inheriting from stringfield (database-bound), and not stringcontrol (not-DB-bound)

    Check the campaign database to see where the name from your character sheet is being set.


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    In the standard Fate Core its <Name type="string">Tom Jones</Name>

    In MINE its <Name type="string">Tom Jones</Name>

    Which appear to be the same. But obviously they are not as one shows in the Character Selection window and one does not

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    Found the problem.... in was in fact name and not Name.... case matters

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