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    Quote Originally Posted by celestian View Post
    To be clear, it loads fine for me in FGU tho it does take about a minute+ to load.

    If it was me I'd break out the DM only into it's own module excluding monsters. Make a module specifically for monsters. Then player version with all the class/race/spells/normal items and non-DM specific instructions.
    Yeah i think Mike is on the money here,

    a simple question i was wondering, is it better for FGU to run 3 smaller modules together or just 1 big one...knowing the total information is the same?

    Another way would be to rethink the whole thing... what is needed to create characters etc, what is needed to run an adventure...and finally what is needed to create an adventure...just a thought.

    Ultimately, with the additional content coming down the pipe...you need to find a the best way to run this looking at FGU limitations (is it not based on a game engine...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by readymeal View Post
    a simple question i was wondering, is it better for FGU to run 3 smaller modules together or just 1 big one...knowing the total information is the same?
    Ultimately, the memory use of the data will be the same.

    Having the module split will help those who have minimum FGU spec computers. Saying something loads fine for you if you don't have minimum FGU spec isn't really a good indication of how a module will perform. I have an i9 CPU with 64GB RAM and, yes, it works fine for me - but the 7GB memory use (even before I start playing) will be an issue for quite a few users. The 2 minute load time I mentioned in my testing is a one off, so the impact goes away once loaded for the first time - but, again, for some people this will be an issue and will be reported on the forums - as they'll see FGU not responding for two minutes (or however long it takes on their computer) and report this as a "crash" or something similar.

    @EOTB - I made recommendations in post #10 about at least a three module approach - in order to target as many users as possible, I think this is the best approach. If there's not much interest in making this usable for all users then it will be good to make it very clear in whatever location/thread/website the module/s made available for download as to the memory use, load times, etc.. People may still not read that or take it on board, but at least you're clear the impact of loading such a massive amount of data.
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    As mentioned I expect to segment it for the lower-spec machine users. I just don’t think I can segment it on record type for them and achieve the dual goals of full utility + keeping the load on their machine low.

    I would think the 3-mod split will be all loaded at once 90% of the time OSRIC is used in play. (Unless FG GMs routinely unload monster mods during play). The primary benefit to a 3-mod split is prep, where having every monster in the book at-hand isn’t necessary for a lot of prep functions. So the 3-mod split isn’t any sort of solution for lower spec machines, it is a lower-effort convenience for higher-spec machines.

    For lower-spec machines I think I’ll have to segment by functionality, where I separate based on what is virtually never used with other parts. If adventuring in a dungeon, ocean and under-the-sea content is a waste of resources. Same for lost world content when running a shire, and bulettes if running a waterborne pirate adventure.

    Prep modules broken out separately, etc.

    Those who need that sort of thing will load a sort of “mix” of abridged OSRIC containing only material pertaining to the activity at hand, and not loading any that doesn’t. The number of people using that approach may grow as the amount of content pertaining to “the activity at hand” continues to grow - it will likely double, at least, in the next while.

    But what I’ve done so far is running a bit behind schedule, so this split for lower-spec machines will have to wait a bit. On the other hand, cutting the GM part in half for those with better machines I can do more quickly and will be priority, so will be done first along with finishing the ref manual to have have a product for the Forge.

    I will note the present performance requirements and note that a series of segments/abridgments will be put out for those needing them.
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