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    Fantasy Grounds Forge - FAQ

    Why does the Forge use a separate Forge Gold currency?

    We use a separate Forge Gold currency to allow for Forge Crafters to price things at prices less than or equal to our current minimum amounts. PayPal transaction fees plus percentages on a $1 transaction are really bad and we actually lose money on those for every purchase. For that reason we try not to price anything below $5 in the main Store. We are looking at whether we can allow more fine-tuned currency purchases above the minimum.

    What happens if I bought the same product from DM's Guild already?

    Fantasy Grounds Forge and DM's Guild are completely different companies, so we do not have access to their customer data. We will be looking at adding a gifting option for Forge Crafters to allow them to grant complementary copies. DM's Guild changed their policy early in the year to remove non-WotC IP content from their site, as it was designed for WotC IP creations only. We have discussed with DM's Guild, and they have agreed to allow updates to continue for those products affected, even though that content is no longer allowed to be sold there.
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