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    Too many characters cause FGU to balloon to 6+ GB RAM usage

    New thread as the other one is closed.


    Too many PC characters cause RAM usage to balloon in campaigns using the same ruleset (tested with Starfinder)

    Starting point:

    FG uses 6-7 GB of RAM in long-running campaigns, only slightly less in brand new campaigns.

    Even with 16 GB of RAM, FG, the OS and other RAM-hungry applications (Firefox, Music Player etc.) cause the system to run out of RAM, leading to crashes.

    Ruleset: (tested with) Starfinder

    Operating System / Language Setting: Windows 10 DE (AT)


    Constants for every test:

    Empty (brand new) Starfinder campaign, no content, no maps including LoS, no extensions, no modules loaded, no player connected.

    Variables for every test:

    Moving folders in FG data directory to secondary locations to see whether RAM usage is affected

    Step 1: Going back to basics

    Basics loaded: FG - vault and rulesets only (+ 10 MB docs, logs)

    RAM: 300-400 MB

    [some experimentation, the only noticeable difference is the addition of the campaign folder]

    Step 2: everything except campaigns

    Same as step 1 [Basics loaded: FG - vault and rulesets only (+ 10 MB docs, logs)]







    [no folder particularly large]

    RAM: 300-400 MB

    Step 3: everything including campaigns

    Same as step 2 [Basics + other folders]


    25 campaigns (different rulesets, 1.5 GB, some ported over from Classic)

    RAM: 5 GB

    Note this is with a brand new campaign [nothing actively loaded (see "Constants for every test")].

    The issue

    I did not notice the issue (single test only) in 5E (300-400 MB RAM), PF2 had slightly elevated RAM usage (1.5 GB).

    Having only several smaller campaigns (21 campaigns <100 MB each , 373 MB total) or a few larger campaigns (4 campaigns, 576, 326, 125, 130 MB) loaded did not make much of a difference.

    21 smaller campaigns <100 MB each only: 4.5 GB RAM

    4 large campaigns only (576, 326, 125, 130 MB): 3.9 GB RAM

    It did however help me in narrowing down the issue to two campaign.

    1. The largest campaign - no surprise there.

    2. The test campaign I created for another bug report with no data except 700+ character [see other bug report for issues opening character selection screen and saving for details]

    Without these two campaigns, RAM usage is 700-800 MB for Starfinder, adding either one results in RAM usage of around 4 GB, adding both leads to the original 6+ RAM usage.


    Too many PC characters cause RAM usage to balloon in campaigns using the same ruleset (tested with Starfinder).

    Edit: Steps to reproduce

    1. Create empty Starfinder campaign and write down the RAM usage.

    2. Open madman's pregen module and import a medium complexity character (e.g. Altronus level 8) [or import a medium complexity character another way].

    3. Import the same character again at least 200 times. [If anyone is interested in testing it out but does not want to click 200+ times I can send a 40 MB campaign file.]

    (You will already notice RAM usage balloon in the current campaign.)

    4. Open up a new empty Starfinder campaign and compare RAM usage to the previous RAM usage.
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