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    When you start FG each day, there is a dated backup of the campaign database created in the campaign folder using the data from the start of the session that day.

    You can restore your campaign to one of these backups by following these steps:


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    Thanks guy's for the quick support i hope that something can be done with the layer handeling someday in the future so they are not to easily moved around insted of selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedgetone View Post
    The quality of the couple of references pages isn't great.
    Thanks and noted. I only had access to the PDF and it's hard to spot some of the characters that XML chokes on (notably the medium dash). Many of the problems you pointed out were hyphenation and yes they were easy to search for. For what it's worth I use VSCode for the editing.

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    Any news on when some of these flagged issues, especially the TODOs are going to get resolved?

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    Bump, any news on fixes…?

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    I'm going to help look this over. Can you give me a run down on the issues that need addressing?
    Dominic Morta
    Ruleset Developer

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    Quote Originally Posted by superteddy57 View Post
    I'm going to help look this over. Can you give me a run down on the issues that need addressing?
    Thank you! Have a look at the basics like the items and NPCs to begin with would be grand. If you look in the forum bug threads you'll see the some of the text corruption issues.

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    * I've done a clean install of FGU, so everything pulled afresh, NPCs creation now works for me but item creation is still broken. You get just the Non-ID Name, cost and weight as entry fields.
    * Language support breaks if there is a space in the language name.
    - Go into Options/Languages
    - Add Elvish and you'll see the drop down isn't populated with any fonts. To get around this you can use Extended Language Fonts in Forge (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/62/view) and assign a font i.e. Cirnaja
    - Add Ancient Allansian and pick a font.
    - Add Elvish and Ancient Allansian as Skills to your PC with a value of 1.
    - Connect a player FGU client and take control of the PC.
    - On the GM system, select Elvish as the language and type some text and press return. The text will be flagged as "GM [Elvish]:" and the text will be translated by the connected player.
    - On the GM system, select Ancient Allansian and send some text. The FGU player system should see that the PC has the Ancient Allansian language and show the message in plain English. Instead you will see "GM [unknown]:"
    * Minor magic isn't working correctly as an assigned Magic Type. According to the rule book on page 69, paragraph 3:
    To cast a Minor Magic spell requires a standard
    spellcasting roll with a bonus of +6 to reflect the ease of
    casting. A spellcaster’s total of his Magic characteristic
    and his Magic-Minor special skill is refereed to as his
    “Incantation” score.

    - To get around this issue you can create a custom modifier and apply a -6 to the roll but it would nice if it worked properly for the skill.

    Feature Requests:
    1. Add the languages and suitable fonts by default to the rule system. Even if it's just the basic ones listed pg29 of core rule book.
    2. Populate the Modifier list with the bulk of the common combat ones.
    3. Add Dark Vision as a default available Effect so it's available for Elves and Dwarf players: VISION: 20 darkvision, duration of 0
    4. Table for generating Treasure Types and other items should generate Parcels. Correct the syntax for generating coins and Magical Items table should nest dedicated tables for "Type of Item found", each populated with actual items rather than text. Here's an example of the working coins. Note, I've also added an additional table called Possible Magical Items which gives you a 50/50 chance of a roll on the Magical Items table.
    Screenshot 2023-02-04 130012.jpg
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    Any news on getting the basics of this ruleset fixed? Months have past and not single update, items are still completely broken.

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    I've asked the ruleset developer to head over to this thread and chime in. There were some logistics delays on getting everything squared away in the background; but hopefully that's all cleared up now.


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