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    Questions for changing character sheet labeling


    I'm currently translating the SWADE character sheet labels to german. Unfortunately I have little coding skills but most of it is easily possible with editing the string xmls and and fit the dimensions in the charactersheet xmls. But I ran in some wierd problem. I somehow can't change the labels of the individual derived stats, the labels for "Wounds" and "Fatigue" damage type and the "Languages" label.

    What am I missing? Where can I change these labels? Can anyone help me?

    Thank you and best regards


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    Might be images, like the tabs but that is just off the cuff. I would need to look to be sure.

    Okay believe I found them.

    Inside the SWADE ruleset, you want to find "strings_common.xml" inside the STRINGS folder.
    It has a large list of Default text strings that can be referenced with the name provided.

    Languages line 32
    Wounds 106
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    Look in strings\strings_common.xml. Languages is common_languages and there's also common_wounds in there, but I'm not sure if that applies directly to the area you're looking at - because I can't find fatigue anywhere in the string resources; but "Wounds" and "Fatigue" are damage types that are registered elsewhere in the ruleset - and I don't think you'd be able to change the names of those without breaking functionality.
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    It looks like the titles are hard-coded (i.e. not string resources) in the DamageTypeManager global script. You'll have to reach out to @Ikael to see if he has time to modify ruleset to use string resources instead.


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    I did it once for the D&D 5e ruleset. All I had to do was create a replacement string XML that assigned new names to the existing labels. I was hoping to do something similar for the Savage Worlds ruleset for a homebrew I'm creating, but from what I read here, it seems something similar isn't going to work.

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