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    OK last update. I put class and item records in. I'll automate it if I get some feedback. There is a bug with dropping on inventory so I'll nail that down and post an update.

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    Fixed a bug with Client CT (I had not touched this previously).
    Everything is posted on the link on post #39.

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    Awesome! You've came a long way since I last looked at this. Finishing up a D&D campaign and wanted to try a TOR2. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayne7400 View Post
    Fixed a bug with Client CT (I had not touched this previously).
    Everything is posted on the link on post #39.
    Thanks for the updates, I'm about to restart our Campaign after a bit of a hiatus.

    Previously: MurghBpurn

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    Thank you so much for your amazing work ( Both, Valerian and Bayne7400 )
    I'll try the Bayne version and make some feedback.

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    Yeah Valarian said he picked up an error but I could not reproduce. I revamped quite a bit so could have been a compatibility thing with an older version of the charactersheet. I did not add anything for version control to prevent this. So please post any bugs you see.

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    Hi Bayne ( and Valarian )

    We have tried your ruleset and we have seen that on the "Abilites" sheet of Characters the organization is wrong. ( see attached screenshots )


    Could you please try to fix it?

    Another question, to upgrade the file from the Valerian version to yours, only need to replace the ruleset file true?

    The Master doesn't want to lose all information that he has already uploaded to the campaign created using the valerian's ruleset.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Graphic glitch updated.

    No and in fact you might have some issues using my ruleset on a campaign started with Valerian's with some records. I did not use any version control scripting so some controls may have changed and it could produce errors.

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    Thank you very much!!!


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    Hi folks, I'm pretty new to TOR, but have been using FG for years for my DnD5e game, so I was pretty excited to see this ruleset. I did notice a few issues with it though, so I started to read up on coding and I've fixed them up (apologies if I'm stepping on anyone's toes here);

    - Fixed Parry not updating on Combat tab and combat tracker.
    - Shield bonus now adds to Current Parry on Combat Tab
    - Removed 'Shield' column from combat tracker
    - Fixed Endurance dropping below 0 on combat tracker
    - Fixed Damage chat message, now says "Wounded" when below 0 Endurance, and 'Defender takes x damage' when above 0
    - Fixed PC Endurance not updating on character sheet when changed on combat tracker
    - Added Bayne's fix to Abilities tab visual glitch

    For those interested in the details I've commented all my changes within the updated .xml and .lua files and tagged them with BAMV so they are easily searchable using Find in Files.
    I've called it version 0.4.01 in an attempt to maintain some configuration management and credited Valerian and Bayne for their excellent work.

    You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/3nyiw...xhmamf0hgf1d07

    There are a few other quality of life things I want to look at next, though no promises on timescale.
    - Cannot drag and drop links to Calling entries onto Character sheet
    - Cannot drag and drop links to Shadow Path entries onto Character sheet
    - Add section for Distinctive Traits to character sheet
    - Replace 'Defender' in chat message with name of target
    - Add NPC weapon skills and NPC armour to combat tracker c.f. DnD 5e 'sword' item


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