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    "Swap" abilities

    Looking at the db.xml coding on the abilities like Dominate and Iron Fist that allow you to use an alternate Attribute to attack, there is nothing that flags which alternate Attribute should be used. I am trying to build in the APG abilities that also do this, such as Knife Play. Is this hard coded into the pak file, or am I missing something that I can use to change the attack Attribute?

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    The entire ability/action system is currently being rewritten. The way the current system works is that the thing that you're trying to do is hard-coded in lua tables, and unfortunately not very supportive of homebrew abilities.

    In the future you will be able to do your own abilities that set all of these things. Both me and Valyar is working hard on getting this done as quickly as possible!


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    I figured that it was something like that. Fortunately the ruleset bases everything off Attributes, so it is pretty easy to get around it. Will be nice for it to be automated, though.

    Thank you for the response and for the work you are both putting into this great ruleset. I look forward to the results!
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    Great news.

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