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    How to switch to true player view with regard to masking

    Hello all!

    When using FGU as a GM, and you apply a global mask to use for incremental map reveal, the interface still shows you (the GM) the whole map, it just dims it a little behind a grey mask. This makes sense, no issues there.

    When you switch to Play mode (d20 icon in the image data panel), the expectation is that you'd see what players see. In this case. That is, for a map with a mask, you'd see nothing until you as the GM enters mask mode and draws a box around the area to reveal. However, in this case, when switching to player mode, you still see the whole map behind the grey mask (the masking isn't active/doing anything)

    Is there a way to really see what the players see with regard to masking, while logged in as the GM, without having to login separately as a player?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the FG forums.

    The best way to get a true player view is to open up another instance of FGU on the same computer and join your game as a player.
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    answering my own question here: I found it! Its 'player vision preview mode' found in the toolbar above any image.

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    As DM you can also click on the Player preview button on the toolbar (make sure at least one token is on the map to enable the toolbar). This button is also available in the Actions menu on the right hand side if the image is unlocked (and Play mode is selected).
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    @Trenloe thanks! I was going to try that next, but hoping to find a way to do it inside the same interface. I did find it in FGU: Its 'player vision preview mode' found in the toolbar above any image.

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