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    Files Aren't Showing Up In-Game, But Are Apparently In My Folders

    I was recently working on one of my 5e campaigns at night and my house lost power, turning off my PC. When I loaded it back up, the campaign I was working on had all its stuff missing. The modules weren't loaded anymore, the Characters were gone, and all of my maps and images weren't there either. I figured I had lost the save data, so I started getting to work putting stuff in. When I tried importing one of my images back in, though, the chat said it was already in the images folder. How can I get my information to show in-game?

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    Proceed as follows:

    1. Make a back up of the campaign folder (that will be in the campaigns folder in FG Data and will be a folder with the name of your campaign on it). Click the small folder icon top left of the FGU start screen to open your data folder.
    2. Open the original folder and find the file called db.xml (if you do not see the .xml bit go to the top of the window and click on View and check the box next to show file extensions)
    3. Rename the file db.xml to something like dbold.xml
    4. Now look at the list of other files and you'll see a number of them in the fomrat db.session.xxxxxx.xml
    5. Find the biggest of these files ( if the files aren't listed with the size showing click on Details in the view tab at the top of the window.
    6. Copy the biggest session file and rename the copy to db.xml
    7. Now start your campaign and hopefully your work will be there.
    8. If it isn't then go back to the session files and find the next biggest and follow steps 5-7 with that one.
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