Everybody plays and Everybody GMs.
If you have no will or want to GM a game you need not apply. With 6 players/GMs, this makes you chances of running a game possibly 4 times in a year, for 4 hours each. Its up to you! If you want to GM more than GM more, if you want to play more then play more.

Most of our players are older, from the east coast to Hawaii. We have been playing as a group for a couple of years now so our group dynamic is solid. We have done: PoA, ToA, RIME etc.

We have a drop clause were in the first 3 months the existing players can vote you off the island. We have never had to but its there.

FG License: Standard Required (so you can GM)
Game System: 5e.
Game Books: Each Player/GM has what books they have, Character creation for each GMs game comes from what book the Player/GM owns.
Time Zone: Varies by GM, mostly after the GM gets off work. LOL
Day of week and time: Mondays
Planned Duration & Frequency: Every Monday
Text or Voice: Discord
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Nope
Roleplay & Combat mix: Up to the GM
Number of Players in game & needed: 5/1
Character starting level & equipment: Determined by Player/GM.
Character restrictions: Determined by Player/GM.

Details of your scenario:
The group runs a round robin type of scenario. Everybody plays and Everybody GMs. GMs can run whatever they want.

#1 Every session consist of a short one off, each lasting no more than one or two sessions. Homebrew or purchased, your choice.
D&D Adventures League have short, 4 hour, adventures for as little as $2.00!

#2 Everyone generates a character to play.
When you are not GMing you can play your character (see #3). The characters will have a home base somewhere, lets say Waterdeep, from there they can adventure out, returning when the adventure is done.

#3 Everyone takes a turn at GMing the adventure of their choice.
This way we can have multiple games going all the times, all we need to do during the week is determining who GMing that weeks game.

Example: 1 month
Week one GM1 wants to run something.
Week two GM1 completes his adventure.
Week three GM2 runs a game.
Week four GM3 runs a game.
With 6 players/GMs, this makes you chances of running a game possibly 4 times in a year.