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    Optimal strategy for map and image assets?

    Hi All,

    I'm a voracious collector of maps and image assets, and I'm hitting problems with organising them. The directory structure I have right now is a mess because it evolved as I was learning FG and didn't really know what I was doing. I want to rationalise it and if possible optimise performance, because operations with the asset window can be agonisingly slow sometimes.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to organise?

    Is it quicker to have everything in modules rather than bring in assets via the asset window each time? I'd assumed the contrary - that it's better to have a lot of files in the images directory (and sub-directories) and only import them as images when you need them. Is this true?

    Does putting stuff into sub-directories in images improve performance or does FG index the whole lot every time anyway?

    I've been putting everything into the "global" directories, not really utilising the campaign folders. That's because I don't know beforehand which images I'm likely to want in which campaign. Sure, there's not so much cross-over between Alien and D&D, but even Deadlands Weird West wants a bunch of deserts and canyons that are useful in fantasy games too.

    Do you keep everything inside the Smiteworks folder structure or do you have your assets outside of that and only bring them in to the Smiteworks structure when you want to import into a game? That would reduce the amount of stuff FG is indexing at the expense of having to do all the searching and indexing out in the main OS. But frankly searches can be so slow in FG that maybe that's a better strategy. Pain in the *** to have to keep reindexing all the asset folders though, especially when painting a map inside FG.

    When you've imported a map and drawn on the LOS and lighting, what is the optimal way of sharing that map to another campaign? I had started to do it via a module but to be honest it was quite a lot of work, so I dropped it. Can you just export an image (with LOS) from one campaign to another without going via a module? Should you?

    What sub-folder organisation do you use for your maps? Subject (SF/Fantasy/Western) or terrain (Forest/City/Dungeon) or source/author (Heroic Maps/DungeonDraft/Patreon) something much cleverer that I haven't thought of? What do you find most helpful in getting to the map you want quickly?

    Any suggestions welcome as I think I need to bite the bullet and organise things better going forward. My images folder is 38 GB and 26,000 items and it's getting harder and harder to find the stuff I want quickly!

    Cheers, Hywel

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    It's always better to have modules rather than have things in directories.

    FG indexes all images whenever you load up the client whether in modules or in the data folder so I doubt that there's any time saving one way or another. However organisationally it's better (IMO) to have images in modules rather than in the images folder. Too many images (and too many huge images) in your campaign will slow it down.

    I don't do much mapping but if I did I'd certainly want everything in the assets rather than outside FG; but if you have too many images and things are slowing down then that's what you might have to do.
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    I keep my 40k+ maps and assets outside FGU. I use a folder structure based upon CC3+ and the Vintyri collection organization, since that is where most of my assets are from. I only import them to FGU when I'm going to use them. Would prefer to be able to use a single directory for both applications, but doubt that will work given CC3+ uses multiple resolutions of the same asset and FGU does not.

    This is a great question, and will be hopeful with what others say.

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    Yeah, same as above. I keep them structured in a folder outside of FGU and bring them in when needed.

    I did try bringing the mall in first and, though I didn't notice any slowdown with the amount I had, I did find that organising them was a bit more complicated.

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