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    Devastation Ark AP

    I was thinking about running the Devastation Ark AP, and whilst poking around in Fantasy Grounds I noticed a couple of things:

    * The product page for it lists part 3 "Dominion's End" as having been released in August 2020 [ https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store...ZOSMWPZO7233FG ], but it doesn't show up in the Sale section of the website. Am I doing something wrong, or hasn't it been released?

    * Looking inside my FGU, I couldn't find any of the Devastation Ark modules at first when I searched for them, then I noticed that they've been named "Devastation Arc" - notice "Arc" not "Ark". A small mistake, but in the title... it makes it hard to find things.

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    I don't believe part 3 has been released yet. See here for the latest update that I'm aware of.

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    Excellent - I wasn't sure if I was just being dense.

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