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    Simple question (hopefully) - setting background color on new maps

    While tinkering with the Images button and right clicking to open up a new map, I stumbled on a way to turn the map background color from the default white to a different color (a kind of dark tan). The problem I'm now facing is that when I start placing items on the map, they are now very dark, regardless of what items I put down.

    The issue is - I don't freakin' remember how I set the background in the first place (typical, really). So, how does one set the background color on new images/maps they are creating?

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    Now do you mean the map itself or do you mean the image in the centre of the UI? If the former just delete the asset used to set the background (anything you add to the first image will be shown as a different layer). If you mean the latter then go into options > Game GM > Desktop: decal Image and clickk through the options.
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    Perhaps you have global lightning active. That is the last point under the Lightning Tab on maps and if you have this active and then under the play options, lightning active you get something like this...


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    Dark tan color?

    Seems to me like you added an fx layer and chose "parchment" as the effect.

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