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    Issues with Discord sound when using LoS

    Hi there. I'm conducting some tests as I'm considering using FGU for an extensive online campaign.

    I was testing with only one online player, and were using Discord for the talking sounds.
    It went fine despite my small upload connection speed (1 mbps). But as soon as I tried to share a map using LoS, while in FGU everything was fine, my audio was garbled (symptomatic of not having enough upload bandwith). As soon as I deactivated LoS on the map, the audio was clear.

    I was surprised as I'm using Teams / zoom / meet on a regular basis with multiple people, and screen sharing on my part, with webcam, and the audio part stays fine. So it seems that FGU and Discord are competing with each other, and FGU wins

    Is this a common issue ? Is there an option somewhere that I can change to fix it ?

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    Yes, I too have limited upload speed (50Kb/s on a good day) so when images are shared, or players are connecting, then Discord just gives up. So I make sure my players connect well before start time to avoid that and I preshare all images for the forthcoming session so that they upload before we start. There can still be glitches during the game when there's a lot going on on the Combat Tracker for example. Line of Sight doesn't have any impact (that is it's not better if on or off), and neither does lighting. It's the sharing that causes the issue
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    Discord is a bandwidth pig. When you push a large image FG needs all the bandwidth it can get so Discord gets starved but when you are not pushing an image or loading FG doesn't need that much bandwidth so Discord is fine. You can just live with it or use different VoIP software - there is still an FG community TeamSpeak server.

    Discord has a lot of features - I use it myself for a messageboard for my groups - but at game time I use TeamSpeak because I can use less bandwidth intensive voice codexes if someone has to connect from a crappy hotel wifi or something.

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    Thanks, I was suspecting as much for discord, I'll look into TeamSpeak. Also thanks for the tips about pre-sharing

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